Reasons I Don't Put Recording Artists on Pedestals
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Reasons I Don't Put Recording Artists on Pedestals

Musicians and recording artists often go through different things when trying to make a song, album or whatever project they are putting together for their fans. But they have help doing so, from their labels, from song writers, and from producers. Most recording artists do not make their own beats and so on. They also get help from other artists for features, ghostwriting and so on...

Fans of musicians or recording artists often like to glamorize and praise these same artists because of their musical abilities. Whether it is for an album, or single song, people in this society love to put singers on a pedestal after hearing a promising sample. But are you really judging these artist correctly?

I do not freak out over recording artists anymore because I come to realize that modern recording artists only actually make up parts of the song. And the sum of the parts equals the whole.

Half of the Song is the Beat.

Half of the song is the beat. Maybe more than that. Just being honest. In hip hop music, this is true. Hip hop artists often lace songs over exotic beats, which is respectively a product of the evolution of hip hop or rap music. Same difference. Some people don't realize it but they often listen to music because of the beat, and its effects on their mood. A lot of hip hop music is largely bent on the beat. Come up with a good chorus then add some lyrics and the song is guaranteed to be nice because of the tight beat.

The Chorus of the song is used 3 or 4 Times.

Now look at my next reason. The chorus of the song is played throughout the song 3 or 4 times and usually lasts for twenty to thirty seconds. Outside of the beat, the hook of the song is the most notable part of the song that fans recall. Artists make hooks on their own. Chorus or hooks are pre recorded mantras, or messages that never change. Over the course of a song, artists often like to sing over the hook.

Artists have help with lyrics and “Ghostwriters”.

These days artists have help with writing songs and with their lyrics. Record labels may have their own songwriters to assist the attached artists with songs. Not all music artists write to all their lyrics to their songs; some songs are fully written to artists.

Modern music is Heavily irrelevant. A good song tells a good story.

I notice that a great portion of modern music is irrelevant because these songs don't have much of a message. Specifically, hip hop music. Often, the hooks do not connect back with the verses and vice versa. Where they do that at?

A good song or album tells a good story, and that story is what should be the judgment point by fans.

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What an interesting perspective, this is a good read!

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