The Beatles: Other Rock and Roll Tracks
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The Beatles: Other Rock and Roll Tracks

The Beatles seemingly left their rock and roll sides during their early years, most of their tracks are pop songs. Only a small number of rock and roll tracks remains. The Anthology contains lots of Rock and Roll songs sung by the Beatles, there is also a numerous amount rock and roll songs included in their concert set. The Beatles did not officially release some of these songs and can only be found on the BBC albums.

Rip It Up/ Shake, Rattle and Roll, Blue Suede Shoes

This rock and roll track was recorded on an impromptu jam session with Billy Preston during the Get Back/ Let it Be Sessions. All of these songs were very popular rock and roll songs during the 50’s and 60’s. The Beatles covered these songs and formed a medley out of it.

Cry for a Shadow

This is an instrumental rock and roll Beatle track featuring Pete Best.

Too Much Monkey Business

This rock and roll song was sung by John Lennon, featuring the similar guitar style and a piano in the background playing. This Beatle track is sung in a very fast pace John Lennon rarely does this on Rock and Roll Songs.  George Harrison is shredding the guitar during the solo, somewhat similar to Roll over Beethoven.

If You’ve Got Troubles

If You’ve Got Troubles is a very simple Beatle track with simple lyrics written for Ringo Starr. It has very noisy drums and features a simple guitar riff which is typical for a rock and roll song.  Ringo Starr didn’t like the track and opted for a different song instead. Although the track is very entertaining, similar to Honey Don’t without a different solo.

Some Other Guy

This track is pure early Beatles. Some Other Guy was one of the Beatles first songs while playing at the Cavern Club as early as 1961.  This is one of the famous songs the Beatles sang at the Cavern Club, still featuring the rock and roll style.

Nothin’ Shakin’

This track features Hillbilly like Rock and Roll style, George Harrison sang this track. Most of the early rock and roll songs were given to George Harrison.

Hippy Hippy Shake

Like most of the rock and roll tracks mentioned in this article, this track is rarely known. Paul McCartney sang this with pure energy; he later sang this on live shows especially at Liverpool. We can hear the trademark Paul McCartney screams including George Harrison’s guitar solos. One of the best the Beatles has to offer.

Leave my Kitten Alone

Leave my Kitten Alone is one of John Lennon’s earliest songs ever written. The lyrics are very simple consisting of few words typical for a rock and roll song, even more typical for a John Lennon song. The band is playing their instrumentals masterfully.


Paul McCartney is singing this track while he seems to be shouting, like Little Richard’s style. This is one of Paul McCartney’s best vocal performances in the Beatles. Paul McCartney in this track proves that he is a rocker and good rock and roll singer.

Johnny B. Goode

Johnny B. Goode is a Chuck Berry song sung by John Lennon, similar to Roll over Beethoven in guitar riffs.  Johnny B. Goode was already a popular rock and roll track even before the Beatles recorded it. John Lennon later sang the track with Chuck Berry himself.


Paul McCartneysang this rock and roll track equal or even better than Little Richard’s version. This is one of the two Little Richard songs the Beatles covered. Since Little Richard himself taught Paul McCartney how to sing this track, so it’s very hard to describe the vocals, you should hear it for yourself.

Honey Don’t

Although Ringo Starr already sang this rock and roll song, John Lennon decided to do a faster version.

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Honey Don't is one of my favorite, also the faster version, thanks Gerald.